Hello from our Creative Studio

Sticker Pack - A Bag Of Creative Woes


The ‘A Bag Of Creative Woes’ Sticker Pack is a bag of 6 fun typography-design stickers that are inspired by real life experiences from a creative lens. We know getting the right creative sparks can be difficult, so we decided to pack all our creative woes to turn them into inspirations for you.


These stickers can inspire your thoughts, make you laugh, or even help you craft the perfect insult. Turn these sparks of creativity into an inferno by sticking them on any surfaces – mirror, laptop, or even on your dog (just kidding). Whatever you choose to do with them, be sure to take one for the gram.


PS: The designs are converted from our TikTok videos into actual stickers, and is the perfect remedy for creativity boredom.

  • 1. Don't Like It, Don't Know Why
    2. Not Nice, Try Again
    3. Final File For Real
    4. Dust. My Ideas Just Got Burnt
    5. Who Are You? A Starving Designer
    6. Brief In. Brief Out

  • ☻ Material: Vinyl, gloss lamination
    ☻Sticker size: within 5cm x 5cm area